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"How Can a Life Coach and Personal Trainer Help You Reach Your Goals?"

I was coaching long before I was actually a woman's life and health coach. When I first started personal training and teaching fitness classes I wanted to help people push their bodies to the max. I saw the positive impact that happened in their minds when they were able to push past where they ever thought they could go. It was a constant high for me being able to witness people accomplish what they didn't think they could.

After a few years I noticed something. Most folks who came into the gym used it as a safe space. They freely said things to me and to others in the classes that they wouldn't otherwise say outside of the gym walls or our training session. With this realization I created programs that met this specific need. I took extra care to ensure the environment was safe and filled with people who were also committed to keeping it that way. It was through this process that I discovered my next calling. Life and health coaching. What I found is people were using exercise as a stress and anxiety outlet. They would bring in their life shit, process it and then leave it in the gym. WIth this understanding I knew I needed additional skills. I attended the UW Madisons Professional Coaching Program which 10x'd the value I could provide to each person I worked with.

Now I have transitioned out of the gym and focus solely on women's life and health coaching. After over a decade in the gym it has given me such a rock solid foundation to help women not only with the habits and mindset but also with the fitness and health aspect. The best part of this is we get to actively work on improving their life over many months. They get to process just like in the gym but in coaching they process and then create an action plan to DO something about it. It's magical. Now I get high on witnessing a woman come into a session one way and then leave completely shifted. Feeling more confident, sure of herself and knowing she has a plan to figure the shit out. Pure magic.

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