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Family Meetings

Updated: Mar 22

This past weekend was proof of exactly why my husband and I have weekly family meetings and why I often recommend them to my clients. (You can listen to Episode 17 - Weekly Family Meetings here).

Each Sunday my husband and I have our family meeting. We talk all things schedules, any important dates or events coming up, dinner menu and bring light to any wants or needs that we have. We picked Sunday mornings because we are both generally well rested and in positive moods. When you meet matters! If you're tired, hangry or it's not a good time for you the meeting will likely not go well.

This past weekend I was in Milwaukee for my daughters club volleyball tournament. This means I was out of town on Sunday which is the day I always wash bedding. The last time I was gone I made the ask in our Family Meeting if he could wash the bedding. I also gave a follow up reminder on the day I was gone. It's my routine, not my husbands so I don't expect him to remember every ask. That week the sheets were nice and clean when I arrived home from the tournament.

This past weekend my husband sent me a text message before noon letting me know he had already washed the sheets! Because of our meetings he knew that this was important to me and that it really helped me out when he did it when I was gone.

As silly as it sounds this made me initially want to cry(emotions are my bestie!) then I started laughing because crying over laundry being done is silly! But it wasn't the laundry, it was that he was showing me so much care and love by doing this act for me. Something he would not have known if not for our Family Meetings.

When you listen to the podcast you will hear how making an ask in the meeting is far different than making an ask when you both are doing many different tasks. Running out the door and asking for something will likely be forgotten but when you both come together for a shared purpose magic happens! This improves your relationship, communication and decreases the stress level in your home. When you put the Family Meetings in place you all win! Every woman I work with that has put this in place has come back and reported exactly those sentiments.

Give it a try and let me know how it goes for you. And when you listen to the podcast you will learn how to bring your kids in on them too!

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