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The Power of Pause

The power of pause. What does that actually mean? It means that the space that you can give yourself after you have some sort of event, whatever it is, that probably is causing some heightened feelings or emotion, that space you give yourself, the pause, is really important to have and to utilize so that you can respond instead of reacting.

This something I talk about a lot because when we react we're not really thinking. We're kind of going into our unconscious patterns, behaviors, and we are not probably behaving and acting in the way that we most want to. If you were to write the script when you're reacting, probably not the best because it's not thought out.

In relationships, using the power of pause can prevent reactive behavior and promote thoughtful communication. If you find yourself having regret after conversations with loved ones or coworkers that is a sign that practicing pause could be incredibly helpful for you. It gives you time to have a thought out conversation and decide how you want to show up. If you’ve been showing up in a way that doesn’t feel good creating space between the stressor and your response will give you time to think, feel and process in a way that feels good to you.

Pausing can help break the cycle of emotional eating by giving us time to reflect on our triggers and find alternative ways to cope. When you’re feeling the pull to numb or self soothe with food practice the pause will give you time to actually feel into the discomfort(I know I’m sorry but it’s like a muscle, the more you flex it the stronger you’ll get) and see what is actually needed in the moment.

Where my people pleasers at??  Oh, hi. This ones for you. Taking a pause before making decisions or agreeing to something can create more time and less resentment for you. Some helpful phrases to create the pause are “Let me think about that and get back to you” or “I’ll get back to you…”.

For both emotional eating and people pleasing an good question to ask yourself is “what do I know for sure?”

When you ask this you can get clear on the truth and what is actually real vs the stress story you are spinning in your mind.

By using the power of pause in your life you give yourself the gift of intentional living. You are aware of the choices you are making and want to be making them. It is a simple yet highly impactful tool! Check out the Spirit of a Badass episode 27 where I expand on the impact the power of pause can have in your life and share how it has helped both in my life and in my clients lives!

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