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Women's Coaching Circle

The Women's Coaching Circle has monthly theme such as nourishing your body, stress and dream outcomes.

Often you feel isolated, like you're doing this on your own and that you haven't been successful in the past. You say you are ready to change but you don't know how. You want more energy but you wake up and end each day just as exhausted as the day before. 

When you enter the Circle we create a personal plan just for you. You have support from your coach and from the women in the group. The means you set the goals, make the plans and then you do them, consistently. 

The foundation is that each member has a desire to commit to consistent daily movement, gratitude/meditation/breath work practice, building routines that are specific to their own life(and adjust as needed), and emphasis on what they want to create vs what they don’t want(mindset work). 

Within the group of under 10 women, each woman will have accountability, support and connection to like minded women.  

The Circle enrollment is currently closed. 

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