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Where is Your Focus?

A friend shared a story last week about focus and specifically what are you focusing on? It was about a rug that had a small stain and do you see the whole beautiful room with the rug in it or are you just focused on the one small imperfection?

This really got me thinking and keeping track this week of what I’m focusing on. Am I seeing imperfections in myself and those around me or am I seeing it for the big picture? Am I focused on being stuck like my youngest 👆😆 or figuring out who or what can support me in getting unstuck? If you’re the kind of person who sees the negative in yourself do you even notice it? What is your mental script? When you see yourself in a mirror do you see a smart, badass woman or are you focusing on what you want to change and then bashing yourself for it?

Because...change my friends is possible! You can change your mind or you can change your actions.  You can figure out a way to be ok and neutral about your situation or you can take action to change it. Both will take work and both are fine ways to go. The place it kills me to see people in is the bitching and complaining place. It solves nothing and only makes you feel worse. It feels good at the time but your situation won’t change.  A first step could be simply noticing your daily mental script. Are you focused on things you can’t can you get to neutral? Are you complaining about things you can control but do nothing about? What is a small step you can take to get momentum and stop the cycle of your own misery?  Notice where your focus is today.

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