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Mother F*cker!

One of the areas I most love working with women in is their relationships with their mothers and MIL’s.

The mother figures in their lives are not changing, they are who they are. And often it is a stressful and harmful relationship.

We partner together to create boundaries, acceptance, and look at other ways of being in the relationship. It is possible to move from a place of hurt and stress to a place that gives you peace in your heart and mind. You can’t change other people but it is possible for you live with less stress around them!

Once you master boundaries we work to create safe space in your mind.

You you don't replay the situation or potential conflict over, and over, and over again creating even more stress and angst!

Step one would be considering ways that you can construct interactions or lack there of that leave you feeling calm, safe and in control of your emotions and feelings.

Also...Happy Birthday to my mom who I need to take more photos with because all of mine are 5+ years old!!

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