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Is Your Career Sabotaging Your Weight-Loss?

Have you ever thought about how your career affects your weight gain?

One of the women I worked with through coaching found that she was taking on other people’s jobs. It wasn’t her job to do it but it was “easier” if she just did it herself. This left her with little time to do her own work and by the end of the day she was a stressed out mess. She was behind on work and hadn’t even thought about dinner...but she was starving because she was so busy she hadn’t taken time for lunch. Sound familiar? She discovered that she didn’t want to turn people away or tell them no. She felt mean or not nice doing this. BUT in the end all of this is what sent her to comfort fast food at the end of the day! So...she coached her way through saying no, developed a plan of what that would look like and added movement in her day when she was overly stressed. THIS she never would have discovered because on the surface you cannot connect doing your coworkers jobs to what you choose for dinner! . Women often look at me crazy when I ask them how their career impacts their weight loss goals. But when we dig deeper there is so much valuable information!

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