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Busting Barriers

How to conquer obstacles that are keeping you out of the gym.

“I need to start going to a gym!”

If you’ve said those words, or thought them, or included them in a now-abandoned resolution then you’re in very good company. So many of us know we need to get fit and want to get fit, but somehow both finding a gym that we like and sticking to going feels just insurmountable?

The first step to getting to the gym is figuring out why you’re not there now. You know working out is critical for your physical and mental health, so there have to be reasons why you’re not doing it already. You can’t expect to start getting to the gym unless you face the barriers that are keeping you from going, and figure out, one by one how you’re going to overcome them.

Step 1: Practice Self-Forgiveness

Before you begin though you must forgive yourself for struggling; finding a gym and getting fit isn’t easy! You can be an accomplished, kick-ass person in every other aspect of your life and still have trouble with exercise or fitness. I have had clients who are high powered professionals, accomplished academics, or the best moms and wives ever, and every one of them struggled at first. Your lack of an exercise routine isn’t because you’re lazy or a failure. If going to the gym and getting enough exercise were easy then everyone, including you, would already be doing it!

Step 2: Get Rid of Your Excuses

The most important steps you can take to break through your barriers is to identify what really is a barrier and what is an excuse.

Excuses are the stories you tell yourself to feel better about the choices that do not align with your ideal image of yourself. If you’re telling yourself you don’t have time to go to the gym but you do have time to binge-watch a show you don’t even like, sleep in because you’re tired, then spend the first hour of your day scrolling through social media, well that’s an excuse. If you don’t exercise because its uncomfortable, but you suffer from medical issues your doctor tells you will improve with exercise then that’s an excuse.

If it’s a real barrier then it’s time to find a way to work around it. If it’s an excuse then it’s time to toss that particular line of thinking in the garbage where it belongs.

Step 3: Identify Your Barriers and Conquer Them!

The barriers the keep you from going to the gym are strong only as long as you don’t name them. Once you identify what your barriers are you can figure out ways to work around or work through them.

In the next few posts I’m going to go through the top three barriers that I’ve encountered over and over again while working with my clients. We’ll identify them, unpack them, and talk about real solutions that can get you to the gym day after day.

“I don’t have time.”

“I’m too tired.”

“It’s intimidating.”

“I don’t like to exercise.”

Together we’ll bust through your barriers and get you moving!

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