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3 Tips to Keep You in the Game

Flashback to spring of 2010...don’t I look rested 😆😴 Only two kids and a different life ago. This was taken after I won my very first 5k. It was the first time I went all in on anything. Maybe silly that it was a 5k race but it opened my eyes to so many other possibilities. The physical training mentality prepared me to embrace discomfort and keep going even though every bit of me wanted to quit. Since then there have been dozens(or maybe hundreds!) of times that I’ve wanted to quit. Shit gets hard right?! Here’s three tips on how to keep going when you want to throw your middle fingers in the air and call it quits. 

1. Remember why you started. But take it past just remembering and actually feel and spend time thinking about your WHY. 

2. Sometimes the isolation of your shit storm is too much to handle - find your people and lean into them. Everyone has something they are going through. Even though you may feel like no one could possibly understand or get me they will. Nobody has it figured out and everyone would be served by being heard and supported. 

3. Holy hell just do it!! Do what makes you happy and lights you on fire. If you’re feeling uncomfortable it’s likely you are GROWING and becoming something beautifully new. Know that on that on the other side of the darkness you will have light. And even if it doesn’t go as you wanted or planned you still will have learned and be better prepared for the next thing. What have you accomplished after you pushed through being uncomfortable and didn’t let yourself quit?! 💪🏼🙌🏻👊🏻

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